PHCC GA Holds Luncheon with Professional Construction Licensing Executives
November 11th, 2016 10:15am
On November 2nd, the PHCC of GA board of directors held its fall meeting and luncheon with special guests from the Professional Construction Licensing Boards. Executive Director Deborah Beard and Josh Waters, Operations and Compliance Manager spoke to the attendees about the licensing process and ways to assist technicians in obtaining their licenses. One big change shared with the group is that approved applications are only valid for one year instead of being good for a two year time period. If you've submitted an application be sure to sign up to take your exam within that time frame. According to Josh Waters most applications are processed within 18 days if it is a "clean" application. Many times the applicant does not included all three notarized copies of his/her reference letters. If an application is not complete it is not a "clean" application. Additionally, the names of the references MUST be written into the designated area of the application. Companies submitting multiple applications are encouraged to send individual checks with each application to ensure each application is processed quickly. Online license renewals are only taking a few days to process. Concerns about limited testing windows was discussed and we learned that AMP was bought out by PSI. This change will allow testing on demand in the future. PHCC GA will monitor these changes and share on its website www.phccga.org. In 2017, PHCC GA will hold quarterly luncheons with the Professional Construction License Board. Contractor Members and prospective members are encouraged to attend to learn information first hand. For more information go to www.phccga.org or call 678-947-3473.