November 29th, 2016 11:30 AM

We want to thank our legislative chair Jack Steakley and our legislative consultant Rick Williams for all they do towards our goal of having Metro Code Enforcement Offi cials. We heard from yet another Metro Council member at our last meeting, they are hearing our needs and starting to understand the lack of meaningful enforcement has left licensed contractors at a disadvantage even with all the work out there. This is only one of many fronts we are working on and without their efforts and your continued support as members nothing would be happening towards cleaning up all the unlicensed contractors currently working in Metro. Our legislative committee also monitors bills before Metro Council and the Tennessee State Legislature. We also keep in touch with key people in that body plus Metro Water and Codes. Progress can be slow but continued pressure and presence is often what it takes to move things along and this committee has done this for many years now. Our trade association is not only concerned with our contractor members and associate members well being but the publics health and safety and property. What is good for licensed contractors is good for the general public as professional plumbing and mechanical contractors and suppliers do the job right with the knowledge and insurance that license requires. We are now seeing legislation that will challenge the licensing procedure of many trades here in the state and our legislative team has already begun the process of discerning the continuances of that legislation and what it will mean for yours and my license. There are many who would advocate that their is no need for a license but we know how short sighted that is. I have enclosed an application for The Nashville Area Plumbing and Mechanical Association, I hope you will join us either again or for the first time. Numbers matter when working with legislative bodies both at the state and local level. We need your continued support and input. This is your trade association and we fight for you.

Andrew Ward
NAPMA Communications Chair